[Finalist Winner] Gestational Diabetes-innovative food logging app

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For the Design Challenge, we are asking teams to design a quick and efficient approach to food logging for pregnant mothers who have gestational diabetes.


Dec 2020


UX Design Lead


Wei Li (UX/UI Designer)
Liang Chen (UX/UI Designer)

The Challenge

Benten tech is looking for innovative design and concepts that will make the actual logging process quick and easy as well as clever ways to motivate GDM mothers.


Simple intake solution


Journal your food log

Users can see her food log progress and review the results to get motivated.


Set up alarms

Users can customize their notifications according to her routines with options to choose music and frequency.


Voice enabled input

This app allows users to input data without opening her app For instance, users can use voice interaction to log her meal when she is eating or commuting.

Research Insights

What you do is that, you put up this I/O voice earphone piece. For example, you are looking at two pots, the ear pieces will answer your questions along your shopping like how you shop with a smart assistant.

You can ask for the voice assistant while it learns your behaviors at the same time. Look help you make decisions intelligently and it will go back to your previous search histories to analyze with you.

1. Why they have difficulties logging food?

Finding the process cumbersome
Motivated to log

2. How frequent do they do the food logs? 

3 times before meal
Glucose test (4 ~7 times)

3.What data will impact the food log result?


Define users groups: primary groups of users for working mom.


Stakeholder needs

We came back to stakeholders and documented Q&A in order to understand the pain points along the working mom’s daily routines.

Most of the working mom and now spend long time taking notes on meals on the paper

How might we

Make the food log data input process interesting and efficient for GDM moms to get motivated even when they are busy?

3 interviews, 1 hour-long Q & A

Journey Mapping out the opportunities
Sketching out ideas
User flow

Visual Moodboard

Overall, we wanted to convey an a feeling of calm and trust, that incorporate a friendly feeling with big& flat patterns and illustrations.

01. Trust
02. Calm

Reflection on process

Overall, we wanted to convey an a Feeling of calm and trust, that incorporate a friendly feeling with big& flat patterns and illustrations.

01. Interview
Get real user data and insights and understand their needs, for example, talk with pregnant women with GDM to see their daily meals and challenges.

02. Testing
Create stimuli to test our mockups to calculate the time that users take to finish up the food log process

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